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Beginnings or Endings. Today is the beginning of my blog on everything I might think of. I have decided to start these to possibly document things I will forget in the future. It started when I awoke today feeling down. Not badly but because I had just a bad nightmare. I know this comes from reading articles that stick to your mind and your gut. Well this one stuck me into a nightmare. I read the correlation between diabetes and possible developing Alzheimer’s earlier than normal. I guess this is more of a health warning. Back to the dream/nightmare. I dreamt that I was out for lunch with friends and needed to finish off and get back to work. As I left, I saw a co-worker with a person I didn’t know. As I try to recall if I knew who she was with, my friends started dispersing and headed back to their own workplace. I did the same. Except in my trying to return, I become lost in a very unfamiliar place. Nothing seemed familiar. Then I was about to cross the street but found out I couldn’t cross and would need to board a bus/trolley to get to the other side. The bus/trolley turns around to the other side. So if that wasn’t weird, after I get off and start walking the street, again unfamiliarity and not knowing where to go or where I was. I go into a jewelry store, possibly to ask for directions but never do. As I walk out and start trying to get oriented, I notice I had two other watches on my wrist. It had price tags on it so I know I must have taken them from the store. Then I woke up. Was this the beginning of the end. Will my memories start to fade away and even my short term memory go. I know it was only a dream but I felt it this morning. I felt that fear that I haven’t really had in a long time. Loneliness of being lost and fear of forgetting.